Kyveli’s laboratory

With pure ingredients and lots of love we create tasteful miracles

In 2002, Kyveli Papaioannou decided to change her professional career and follow her dream. Her career began from a completely different field. After studying Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing at the University of Pireaus and completing her MBA in International Management at the University of Exeter she became a successful product manager and then brand manager responsible for some of the most famous/well-known brand names in Greece/worldwide such as De’longhi, Algida, and Lipton. In the end however, she decided to pursue her passion and love for pastry which, until this day, drives her creations.

Το Εργαστήριο της Κυβέλης

Her first pastry shop was located at Vrilissia, where it associated her name with unique culinary creations, highest quality ingredients and captivating designs.

She became famous for her Cheesecakes, especially for her Oreo Cheesecake, a dessert which quickly developed a passionate fanbase.

This success expanded the business with a new large pastry lab at Poligono and a new Pastry shop at Kolonaki.

Today, 18 years later, Kyveli brings her Cheesecakes and new Zea Power Superfood Snacks closer to you than ever. 

Our Ingredients

You can now find a range of Kyveli’s products in selected restaurants and delicatessens in the whole of Attica as well as other parts of Greece and Abroad.

Το Εργαστήριο της Κυβέλης
We use a cutter to form these amazing cookies. Each cookie / snack weights 30gr

Ready? Let’s start

It is our true pleasure to see our Cheesecake and Zea Power Superfood Cookies/Snacks featuring in your stores!